Robin Stacey at Shoreline CC

Robin Stacey at Shoreline CC
Spring 2015 Meeting at Shoreline CC: UW History Professor Robin Stacey gives her keynote address on her experiences with the innovative teaching curriculum, "Reacting to the Past," developed originally at Barnard College.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Report of the Secretary-Treasurer for 2017

Association of Washington Historians
Treasurer’s Report
April 22, 2017

Prepared by the Secretary-Treasurer, David Arnold

Revenues: At the last meeting, the Association balance was $815.05 (balance of 3/31/2016 bank statement).  At the WSU-Vancouver meeting, the Association collected a total of $560 from registration fees to cover the costs of the caterer; also a total of $148 was collected in donations to History Day.  That left the Association with a total $708 collected at Vancouver that was deposited by the Secretary-Treasurer in the Association of Washington Historians’ non-profit organization account at Hapo Community Credit Union in Pasco, WA, located conveniently across the street from where the Secretary-Treasurer teaches.   Add to the Association’s revenues $.88 interest from the final three quarters of  2016 and the first quarter of 2017. 

Expenses: At the Board meeting following the general meeting at Vancouver, it was determined that the Association could add up to $52 to the amount collected for History Day in order to bring our donation to $200.00,  as long as our catering costs were not prohibitive.  Upon receiving the bill from WSU-Vancouver Dining Services, the Secretary-Treasurer determined that they were not prohibitive since the catering costs were $36.18 below our receipts.  Accordingly, the Association added $52 to the History Day Fund and cut a check for $200, which was dutifully sent to Mark Vessey, History Day Coordinator at the Washington State Historical Society, on 06 May 2016, who replied via email, “Thank you for your continued support of this great history education program.”

The Association also gave a check of $523.82 to “WSU-Vanouver Dining Services” for catering.

The only other expense incurred by the Association was a payment of $10.00 to the Secretary of State of Washington to file our non-profit status report, but this was paid for by an anonymous donor because it was easier to simply file this online with a credit card than to walk across the street and cut a check and send it to the Secretary of State.

All of this activity leaves the Association with a balance of $800.11 as of March 31, 2017.  

Balance at 2016 meeting: $815.05 balance forward (from 3/31/16 bank statement)

Revenues: $560 receipts from 2016 meeting 
$148 donations to History Day
                                $ .88 interest

Expenses: $200 History Day Donation
$523.82 to WSU-Vancouver for 2016 Catering

Balance at 2017 meeting: $800.11 (from 3/31/17 statement)

Thus, the Association has an adequate cushion and continues to have negligible expenses due to the use of e-mail to communicate and a non-profit organization savings account without an annual fee, and with few ambitions to actually accomplish anything that would require major expenditures.  No further adjustments should be needed to maintain financial stability as long as we don’t have too many no-shows at the meetings.  Moreover, the CBC Social Science Department, under the benevolent leadership of its Dean, Dr. Monica Hansen, has volunteered to pay $300.00 of the catering expenses for this meeting, leaving the Association in better-than-expected financial health, thus fulfilling the AWH President’s promise to “Make the AWH Great Again!” in 2017 (this might not be his verbatim words but it was certainly his gist, at least according to some anonymous sources). 

Respectfully Submitted,

David Arnold

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